JI Chief urges Sindh CM to devolve administrative powers to UCs

KARACHI-Central Chief of Jamaat-e-Islami, Sirajul Haq on Thursday urged the interim chief minister Sindh to devolve the administrative and monetary powers to the union council levels to help solve the growing civic problems. “Interim CM Maqbool Baqar has a good reputation,” Sirajul Haq told a news conference at Idara Boor-e-Haq, seeking the interim rule’s attention for a complete authority to the elected civic representatives to end citizens daily problems.
Joined by JI Karachi Chief, Hafiz Naeemur Rehman and scores of elected town chairmen and vice chairmen from his party, he referred the country’s constitution to underpin his demands. He expressed concerns over the condition of Karachi, despite the city government is in place. “Once a city of lights is now the epitome of problems and crises,” he added. Citing the elected representatives concerns, he said that the unavailability of drinking water and sewerage system are amongst the top issues gripping the city’s every locality with no resolution in sight as yet. The other problems are the deteriorated civic infrastructure of broken roads and streets, growing street crimes and lawlessness with inflation. He criticised the interim government for giving a steep rise to the inflation by increasing petroleum prices and electricity tariffs ever since it has succeeded the PDM rule in June this year.

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