ISLAMABAD   -   The European Union Delegation to Pakistan has hosted a pre-departure event for the 166 recipients of the EU’s flagship Erasmus Mundus Joint Master scholarships in 2022. 

This year, the highest number of 166 Pakistani students, 86 men and 80 women, have received scholar­ships to study in universities in the European Union, said the EU’s Mis­sion spokesperson in Islamabad on Wednesday. The event, organized in collaboration with the Higher Edu­cation Commission (HEC) in Islam­abad, celebrated the success of the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master schol­arship holders and provided an op­portunity for networking amongst peers and Erasmus+ Alumni.

In his welcome remarks, EU Char­gé d’Affaires ai, Thomas Seiler said, “Today we congratulate the young men and women who will embark on an educational and cultural journey through Erasmus+. They will return after some months with strong knowledge and rich experi­ence. This will greatly benefit them in their future professional lives.” The EU Chargé d’Affaires ai further added, “The results of the scholar­ship’s selection demonstrate that Pakistani students are well pre­pared and that the Pakistani univer­sities provide them with the neces­sary skills to compete at the global level.” He added that he is particu­larly pleased to see more students from Pakistan have accessed the Erasmus+ programme.

This year 3,013 students from 133 countries were selected for the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master scholarships. Pakistan was 1st in the world of scholarships awarded and remained the top country in terms of scholarship applications. This shows the big interest of young Pakistanis in the EU, which we feel we are obliged to honour. Higher Education Commission Chairman Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed, representatives from the EU Member States, and the Erasmus+ Alumni Association mem­bers also attended the event