ISLAMABAD    -   Chairman Pakistan Teh­reek-e-Insaf (PTI) Im­ran Khan on Wednesday said that the solu­tion to the problems of the country lied in the “Haqeeqi Azadi” and he would continue his fight for “real freedom” along with relief and re­habilitation work in the flood-rav­aged areas. Speaking at the Insaf Students Federation (ISF) Conven­tion here on Wednesday, he said that providing relief to flood vic­tims was his responsibility too and he would help and work for them more than anyone else.

He underlined that his struggle for “true freedom” would also contin­ue because the “cabal of crooks en­slaved the country to the US.” Khan said that the coming month was very important for the youth of the ISF, adding that in September, they had to go to colleges and universities to con­vey his message. He said that preach­ing the message of “true freedom” in universities and colleges was also a worship to rid the country of these thieves. “I was told not to do poli­tics because of floods but I want to tell the critics that I will work hard for the flood victims, and will fight for their rehabilitation along with my fight for the real freedom of my coun­try,” he added. The PTI chairman asked the youth that they all had to help him in his fight, as “slave mind­ed people can’t do anything and only free people always lead a better life.”

Former prime minister Khan stat­ed that he wanted the decisions of Pakistan to be made in the coun­try, as no one should sit outside and take the decisions of their country.

“We will control the back-break­ing inflation to ease the burden onto the people, and we will make Pakistan a country where we take our decisions independently and can refuse our country’s airspace for drone attacks,” he added.