Rainfall disaster

Unabated rainfall brought civ­ic life to a halt in Sindh and Balochistan, which culminated in flooding and wrecking of the en­tire frail and trembling infrastruc­ture of these provinces.

On the other hand, public of­fices along with government officials have failed utterly in making rescue efforts for these delicate masses, who are left in the lurch. The ongoing climate nightmare in Sindh and Balo­chistan has taken hundreds of lives and washed away thou­sands of meager dwellings, live­stock, and cultivated crops.

The preparedness of any rul­ing government for tackling the immediate issues is always ques­tionable in this country. Notwith­standing high-alert warnings were already issued for heavy rainfall and likely flood in certain areas, institutions were yet not prepared for dealing with a cat­astrophic season of rains. Such a non-serious attitude by the gov­ernment shows there is a likeli­hood of more havoc, irreparable loss, and an upsurge of affected people in resourceful provinces. 

Failing to deliver prompt re­lief to residents of rich provinces would cause a sense of depriva­tion and a furious attitude to­wards state institutions in long run. As of now, perceptible ef­forts of institutions have exhibit­ed that they are unable to serve effectively and have no working resources and required machin­ery to ease the masses.

Moreover, a major part of Suk­kur to Karachi National Highway is choked for vehicular movement for the last couple of days. Till Thursday, relevant authorities are non-existent to open routes up. Everything is out of control under unprecedented precipitation, fam­ilies and children are stranded in sheer panic and exhaustion.

During such a problematic time, state institutions and all political parties must acknowledge com­mitment to rescuing the people of these rich provinces. It must be confirmed that the greatest resources are deployed to evac­uate affected people from flood­ed and vulnerable areas and shift them to safe locations for non-toxic survival. Along with this, a competent team needs to be for­mulated promptly for continuous supervision of relief provided to the masses without any further criminal delay.

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