KARACHI    -    Special Assistant to the Chief Minister of Sindh Ali Ahmed Jan has said that the local govern­ment department of the Sindh government is working hard at all levels to make the city of Ka­rachi beautiful and stable.

A ceremony was organised in Pune Panch Park regarding road construction and development through concrete blocks and a friendly meeting was held.

While talking, the Special As­sistant said that the construction of a road with paving slabs by the Sindh Government’s Click pro­gram in Orangi Town is a com­mendable process.

Before the construction of the road, there will be construction of drains, sewage lines, leakage of water lines and construction of green belts for the beauty of the highway. The decision was taken to carry out the consultation with Aqah. The local residents appre­ciated the process of consulting the local residents regarding any construction, repair and provi­sion of municipal resources by Click and West Municipality and said that this type of meeting is completely new for us.