KARACHI   -   The Sindh government after monsoon rains has started work to rebuild the damaged civic in­frastructure in Karachi.

This was stated by Sindh La­bour and Human Resources Min­ister, Saeed Ghani, on Wednes­day as he visited different sites of District East to review ongo­ing development works to repair roads and other civic infrastruc­ture damaged by heavy rains.

Ghani visited Amir Khushro Road, Tipu Sultan Road and ad­joining streets. He was accompa­nied by renowned industrialist Zahid Saeed, Administrator of District Municipal Corporation East Rehmatullah Shaikh, and other relevant civic officials.

Ghani said the Sindh govern­ment had started work to re­store the roads and streets in the city that had been devastated by heavy rains. He said that in the first stage main highways and adjoining roads of districts in the city were being repaired and in the second phase, the basic civic infrastructure of resi­dential neighborhoods would be revived. He further said the civic problems related to sewer­age and drainage systems in the residential localities would be resolved on a priority basis.

The provincial Labour Minister said the Sindh government would do its best to revive the civic infra­structure of the city in the short­est possible time. He said the con­cerned citizens would soon sense improvement in this regard.

The renowned businessman Zahid Saeed mentioned that road infrastructure in the city was damaged due to overflowing waste water from the drainage system. He said he was pleased that the Sindh government in pursuance of its commitment had started work to overhaul rain-damaged civic infrastruc­ture in the city. He said the Dis­trict Municipal Corporation East should involve the Karachi Water & Sewerage Board and Karachi Metropolitan Corporation in the work to improve the drainage system in the district. 

The Administrator of DMC East said the district municipal administration had been playing its role to prevent the situation that overflowing water from the drains shouldn’t damage impor­tant roads in the district. He said the DMC would make sure that citizens wouldn’t face again the civic issues they had faced during recent heavy monsoon rains.

He said the DMC would do its best to restore the basic civic in­frastructure in the District East.