HARIPUR    -    At least three minors including two boys and a girl drowned in Tarbela Lake at Kalin­gar Gundaf Bela while the mother and another child were rescued by the locals as the mother threw her four children into the water and jumped herself owing to a domestic dispute. Accord­ing to police sources, mother Atiqa tried to commit suicide over a domestic dispute with her in-laws as her husband was working in Karachi. In the incident, three children including eight-year-old Mu­zamil, seven-year-old Abdul­lah and 10-year-old Aisha drowned and lost their lives while Atiqa wife of Khan Muhammad and 3-year-old son Muhammad Umer was rescued by the locals. Police sources disclosed that first Atiqa threw her four children and then jumped herself in Tarbela Lake to commit sui­cide. As the people of her vil­lage Kalanger came to know they rushed to save them, un­fortunately, only the mother and three-year-old child could be rescued. Beer police took the woman into custody.