LAHORE - Zainab Salman’s upcoming campaign, Ba’ztaab: The Power of Self, focuses on three absolutely pertinent components of life: Seek, Reflect, Hear. The campaign opens with the narration,”Wohtouhai koi, woh khud koi aurnahi, aakhirtouheehai,” as a conversation with one self, as a monologue. There is an exchange of ideas, a deep communication with one’s inner self, much like when a woman looks at her reflection and reminds herself of the Power of Self. The campaign Ba’ztaab reminds us that the validation we seek from others is not what we really need. It is our own voice that becomes our biggest strength once we connect with what lies within us - “What I am seeking is already within me” - a power we all possess as individuals but tend to forget at times. Zainab Salman’s campaigns are a reflection of her own personal journey. Speaking about the campaign, Zainab Salman talks about the process of creating a meaningful message: “Through this campaign, I want to remind each individual of their self-worth. If I could tell something to my younger self, it would be that it is YOU who empowers YOU. It is you who completes you. Hence, the concept of the collection came forth. Where the world is focused on vanity, I want to focus on the imperfections and the process of embracing the inner self.” The brand’s contemporary ideology is not just about producing timeless pieces to be devoured by the naked eye; rather, it uses the medium of quality designing to reflect deeper qualities of one’s character. Ba’ztaab: Self of Sense embodies just that by highlighting the complexity of a character at different levels. The colour palette for the collection itself has been kept very soft, yet the posture, body language and eye contact of the models is very strong. Whereas there is a deliberate predominant use of whites to depict a sense of purity and peacefulness, the visuals of water represent power and wisdom. The brand is here to live for tomorrow. It is celebrating resilience, power and gratitude with its new campaign, Ba’ztaab - Power of Self.