PHC moved against taxes in energy bills, free power

peshawar The Peshawar High Court has received a writ petition challenging the inclusion of various taxes in energy bills and the provision of free electricity to government employees.

Aminur Rehman Yousafzai has named the federal government, WAPDA, NEPRA, Discos, and the water and power divisions as respondents in his appeal. The petitioner argued that while WAPDA officials were subjecting ordinary citizens to various strategies, the general population was enduring the effects of rampant inflation. The writ petition contended that despite the nation’s power generation exceeding its requirements, customers were still facing electricity shortages and paying inflated prices.

According to the petitioner, WAPDA has devised plans to extract money from the public by imposing various taxes on energy bills, which, according to the argument, the public cannot afford to pay. The petition claimed that while the government acknowledged rising inflation, on one hand, it increased taxes on ordinary citizens while sparing the affluent and influential.

The petition highlighted that lower-income segments of society were struggling to settle the bills sent to them in recent months. Additionally, it noted that despite Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s utilization of hydropower for electricity generation, its residents were still burdened with taxes from which they were supposed to be exempt.

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