Tribesmen for fair resolution of marble mines dispute

Mohmand  -   Tribesmen from Safi Tehsil in Mohmand have urged the district administration to establish a commission comprised of tribal elders and Jirga members to resolve a dispute over marble mines without sowing discord among tribal clans. They have also issued a stern warning that they will not permit anyone to occupy the marble mines that have been under their ownership.

Speaking at a press conference held at the local press club, the elders of Safi Tehsil, including Kamal Khel Qandahri, conveyed their concerns to the district administration. They emphasized that the appointment of a commission by the district administration consisting of elders from the Jirga should be avoided, as it may lead to unnecessary conflicts among the tribal communities.

The tribal elders, among them Haji Ibrahim, Rehmat Wali, and Feroz Shah underscored that they have made written requests to the Deputy Commissioner of Mohmand multiple times. They explained that three subtribes, namely Hakeemzai, Sharab Kor, and Khanzada Kor, have inhabited Sapri Mountain and possess property within the mountain.

The elders argued that they have historical rights to the land, having lived there for generations. However, during their migration due to anti-terrorism operations, certain individuals surreptitiously leased out the land to others. They claim to have informed the district administration of Mohmand regarding the rights of these three sub-tribes.

In their demands, they called on the government and relevant authorities to replace the currently appointed commission and halt any work on the Marble Mountain until the dispute is resolved. They argued that the current commission, formed by the administration itself, lacks knowledge about the tribal distribution of local property and boundaries.

During the press conference, the elders from Kamal Khel Qandahri expressed their concerns that if the district administration and other administrative officers do not heed their pleas and send the commission without understanding the situation, the district administration of Mohmand will bear responsibility for any deterioration in the situation.

The elders have appealed to higher authorities not to deprive them of their rights under the pretext of the DRC (District Reconciliation Committee) and instead form a Jirga comprising local people who are familiar with the customs and ownership distribution in the area.

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