My return shows total peace in Pakistan: Malala

ISLAMABAD - Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai Sunday terming the current law and order situation of Pakistan as very peaceful said peace had been restored completely in the country.

“This was made possible only with the sincere efforts of security forces and great sacrifices of civilians and Pakistan Army. My return to Pakistan was actually a success of Pakistan’s war against terrorism," she said this in an interview with APP.

Malala praised the role of the government and Pakistan Army in restoring peace. “My dream of returning Pakistan was fulfilled due to the government of Pakistan and Pakistan Army's sincere efforts".

She said, “It was my dream to go back to Pakistan which comes true now. I waited for this moment for several years, hoping one day to return”.

She said, “Now I can tell the whole world with more confidence that there is complete peace in Pakistan and my return to my country was ample proof of this.”

She said now people could go to Swat, Hunza or anywhere in Pakistan as there was no terrorism and the people of Pakistan were also peace-loving.

Malala, appreciating present democratic government on completing its constitutional tenure, hoped that the next democratic government would also complete its tenure in Pakistan.

She said there was great responsibilities on the shoulders of the country's politicians to include the actual problems of the people in their parties’ manifestos and proposed that they should focus on issues like improving the education and health standards in the country.

She appealed the political leaders to ensure inclusion of matters like girls’ education in their manifestos and make plans to ensure girls access to primary, secondary and higher education.

She said, “Nowadays my focus is only on my education ensuring every girl that she has the right to higher education and making her future on her own choice. This approach is not only beneficial for a girl but also for the entire society."

She said she avoided considering negative comments on social media and also advised her supporters not to use harsh language against the opponents in her favour.

Malala Yousafzai, 20, won international renown after she was shot by the Taliban in Mingora. She received initial treatment in Pakistan and later, she was taken to England for further treatment and care. She stayed in the United Kingdom to continue her education and became the youngest person to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014.


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