Acrimonious speeches and statements  

These tit-for-tat allegations and acrimonious press briefings and statements only poison an already volatile situation, where laws and writ of state have become hostage to egoistic individuals, who consider themselves above law. Restraint should be exercised by all political parties. Theodore Roosevelt stated, “No man is above the law and no man is below it: nor do we ask any man’s permission when we ask him to obey it”.

Hazrat Ali Rahmatullah stated that a system of disbelief (kufr) can work, but a nation without justice cannot survive. Unfortunately, in Pakistan, laws seem to bend to appease individuals, the constitution suspended, and the very basis for its creation, based on Jinnah’s vision of self-rule in a modern democratic welfare state mutilated so often, that it has almost become a norm and accepted as such.

Although the superior judiciary alone has sole jurisdiction of interpreting the constitution, without distorting its basic structure and spirit, individual politicians, their spokespersons, and paid elite have assumed unto themselves the power to misinterpret the constitution. Even political parties maintain private militias armed with batons, catapults, etc., and justify this. Blinded by their game of thrones, the constitution is misinterpreted to suit political agendas and appease party leaders, whilst the judiciary has chosen to look the other way. Pakistan may perhaps be the sole country in recent times, where this power to interpret the constitution was given by SCP to a usurper and dictator, who had pledged on oath to uphold and protect it, distorted it.

Today we as a nation face economic bankruptcy, yet the political stability which can be ensured if we all submit to the constitution, seems to be the least of priority. There is no rocket science to understand that a non-bailable warrant of arrest requires the individual concerned to surrender to law enforcement, without any pre-conditions. This mockery of justice has been indulged in the past also, but never so violently as has been witnessed in Lahore recently.



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