Political certainty and an election year  

As politics took all the attention in 2022, the same situation is likely to remain in 2023 as well. The former prime minister was removed from his post by a no-confidence vote in April last year. Due to this an atmosphere of chaos was seen across the country, a large number of his supporters came out, commotion and large rallies were taken out. Efforts to bring Pakistan to power continue even in 2023.

Elections will be held across the country in October this year, but Khan’s demand for early elections has not been accepted by the government. This benefits the government politically as long as efforts are made to bring the country out of economic crisis and unsatisfactory domestic conditions. Imran Khan was still in control of two provinces (Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) even after being removed from the position. Attempts were being made to wrest power from him. 2023 also began in a similar dramatic fashion, with Khan Sahib’s party initiating a process of dissolution in the Punjab and KPK Assemblies to put pressure on the federal government. Then the ToshaKhana case, Imran Khan’s arrest or whether he himself surrenders, and the riots in Zaman Park Lahore, which have maintained political upheaval in the country even this year.

Now the question is who will win the next general election. Will Nawaz Sharif (PML-N leader) contest the elections on behalf of his party? Will Imran Khan be able to win in front of all these situations? Will people use their vote properly considering the conditions of the country?



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