The art of mud in architecture  

The main points of this text are that both flash floods and the human urge to create an “everlasting” habitat may have influenced the development of mud art in Pakistan. The ladies of Jabbo have always collaborated to adorn their homes, building a library of creative ideas for future generations. The art is seen as an embellishment for their mud homes, but it is in danger due to the changing society. Men often discount the value of their trade, but the womenfolk have been doing all the art. Muhammad claims that the ladies in his tribe and those of other males in the rural hinterlands of Pakistan continue to ‘play with mud’, but this is dependent on the few available mediums.

Village women in Pakistan are using mud filigree art as ornamentation for their mud houses, but its value is threatened by a changing society. Village girls learn to make mud pies from their mothers and grandmothers, but their efforts go unrecognized by the men of Jabbo and undiscovered by the world. In the past few decades, elements of contemporary city lifestyle have permeated rural areas, raising concern for mud artisans.



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