Convictions against gas theft culprits continue alongside regular raids

KARACHI  -  SSGC continued to make further in­roads into gas theft and prosecution cases. The company’s Counter Gas Theft Operation (CGTO) Wing along with SSGC Police and Recovery De­partment conducted a joint raid on ‘Al-Habib Chota Pakwan’ in Shah Faisal Colony, Karachi. The culprit was using gas directly through ser­vice line. Total connected load was estimated to be 620 Cft/hr. SSGC Police lodged FIR against the culprit Bahar-e-Alam. Appropriate claim will be accordingly raised.

Special Gas Utility Court, Karachi constituted recently to hear theft related cases of entire Karachi, after hearing arguments of counsel for the accused Mairujddin and Law Officer CGTO, dismissed the post-arrest bail application of the accused upon non-payment of quantum of loss of Rs. 3,125,000. He was nominated in FIR lodged in SSGC Police Station. Pros­ecution Wing contested the case.

Gas Utility Court, District Larkana, convicted accused Jalal Ali and Sa­mano Khan for using gas directly for commercial purposes. The convicts have already paid Rs220,000 to SSGC as quantum of loss. The court also im­posed fine of Rs50,000 and sentenced them till rising of court. FIR was regis­tered at Police Station Waleed, Larka­na against the two culprits. Law officer, Prosecution Wing of SS&CGTO Depart­ment in Larkana, contested the case.

Gas Utility Court, Larkana, con­victed accused Ghulam Muhammad Magsi for involvement in direct gas use for commercial purposes. The accused had already paid Rs 35,634 to SSGC as quantum of loss. He was taken into custody and sentenced till rising of court. Law officer SS&CGTO (Prosecution Wing) Lar­kana, contested the case.

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