Haleem-biryani fusion add colour to Iftar parties in KP

PESHAWAR  -  Known as city of hospitality, Peshawar’s food outlets of Haleem and Biryani started attracting a substantial number of buyers due to its mouthwatering taste and deliciousness during Iftar parties in Khyber Pakthukhwa. Qisa Khwani, Namak Mandi, Fawara Chowk and other famous bazaars with plenty of Haleem and Biryani shops are making roaring business these days as food exchange and outdoors Itfar parties gained pace in Khyber Pakthunkhwa. Like other food sellers, Zard Ali, an expert of haleem-biryani mix dish was seen supervising his staff as they mixed a deep yellow stew in giant cauldron at Namak Mandi where a large number of customers were assembled around the food stall enjoying haleem-biryani combination and other mouthwatering cuisines during Iftar parties. Traced its origins to the Arab world, Haleem is a mixture of meat, wheat and pulses that are pounded and slow-cooked in large pots until all the ingredients properly merged together to form a thick and dense stew. Introduced in the Indo-Pak subcontinent by Arab expats, haleem has evolved into a most sought-after dish in Pakistan with the addition of the distinct flavours of local spices and was being preferred at Iftar parties.

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