Road safety

I am writing to express my deep concern about the lack of reliable public transportation options and the unreliability of cab services in our area, Scheme 33, Gulzar e Hijri, Karachi. This issue significantly im­pacts our daily lives and restricts our ability to move freely within the city.

Commuting by public transport is often an unpleasant and time-con­suming experience. The unavailabil­ity of buses and other public trans­port options forces residents to rely on ride-hailing apps like Uber and Careem. However, even these ser­vices are proving to be increasing­ly unreliable. Cab drivers frequent­ly cancel rides upon learning the destination, citing concerns about street crimes, especially at night.

This situation creates a sense of isolation and restricts our abili­ty to travel for work, education, healthcare, and other essential needs. It disproportionately af­fects those who cannot afford pri­vate vehicles, further marginalis­ing them within the city.

Safe streets and roads and a de­pendable transportation system are the backbone of a functioning city. We implore the authorities to take immediate steps to improve the sit­uation regarding road safety. Install­ing well-maintained streetlights in poorly lit areas can significantly im­prove visibility, making it harder for criminals to operate under the cover of darkness. Additionally, placing se­curity cameras at strategic locations can act as a visual deterrent and pro­vide valuable footage for identifying perpetrators if a crime does occur. This combination of improved light­ing and camera surveillance can contribute to a safer environment, discouraging robberies and snatch­ing incidents and ensuring equitable access to transportation for all resi­dents of Gulzar e Hijri.



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