Sindh Information Commission

The recent strides made by the Sindh Information Commission in ensuring transparency and ac­countability within our province. With its recent full functionality, the commission has emerged as a beacon of hope for citizens seeking access to information vital for in­formed decision-making and demo­cratic participation.

The establishment of the Sindh Information Commission signifies a significant step towards promot­ing good governance and uphold­ing the right to information for all citizens. Its role in overseeing the implementation of the Right to In­formation Act in Sindh is crucial in fostering a culture of openness and accountability within government institutions.

By facilitating access to informa­tion, the commission empowers cit­izens to hold authorities account­able and participate actively in the democratic process. It serves as a vital mechanism for promoting transparency, combating corrup­tion, and enhancing public trust in governmental processes.

Furthermore, the commission’s commitment to ensuring the timely and efficient resolution of informa­tion requests is commendable. Its efforts to streamline processes and promote greater awareness of citi­zens’ rights under the Right to In­formation Act are laudable achieve­ments that deserve recognition.

However, while celebrating the achievements of the Sindh Informa­tion Commission, it is essential to acknowledge the challenges that lie ahead. Continued support from the government, adequate resources, and capacity-building initiatives are necessary to strengthen the com­mission’s mandate and expand its reach to all corners of the province.

In conclusion, I urge the authori­ties to continue their support for the Sindh Information Commission and its endeavors to promote transparen­cy, accountability, and citizen engage­ment. Together, let us strive to build a more open, inclusive, and democratic society for the benefit of all.



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