Police, admin set to stop wheelie-doers

VEHARI-Doing a wheelie on bikes continues unabated and is on the rise with every passing day thereby increasing the number deadly mishaps and accidents in Vehari.
Dozens of motorcyclists’ groups come out after noon on some busy roads of Vehari and do a wheelie. They play the trick by risking their life without any fear from their parents and law enforcers. Last year, more than 6 people died and countless others had been seriously injured on the Independence Day, Eid days and some other festivals.
The police are liable to stop the deadly practice. Police should make pickets on every busy road to stop the violators forcibly, local people said. Danewal SHO Mahar Parwaz said that the police had prepared a plan to tackle the situation. At every chowk and every congested area, police will be deployed to catch the bikers and rash drivers while patrolling will be made active on all national occasions to stop the practice, he said.
Likewise, he said, parents should also do their duty and have a look on their children and not let them go out with bikes to do a wheelie.
Rescue 1122 District Emergency Officer Dr Farzand Ali said that the rescuers have seen and handled countless cases in which bikers sustained severe injuries or permanent disability. Zoo Road, DPO House Road, Quaid-i-Azam Park Road, Farid Joy Land Road, Medina Colony Road and Peer Murad Road are focused by the bikers for doing wheelies. These roads are well carpeted and wide and suitable for the purpose.
The citizens urged the authorities concerned to depute special task force to apprehend the biker after proper identification of driving licences.
DSP Rasheed said, “Youngsters do not have mature minds so we are working on a policy to prevent them in a way they adopt easily. We would arrange awareness programmes against wheelies by distributing pamphlets on major city roads, markets, bazaars, shopping malls and other important public places.”
He also said that police had a plan against the menace and were collecting data of bikers on the suggestions from different departments. He said, “We have directed the traffic officers and other officials to initiate stern action against such bikers without discrimination.”

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