ISLAMABAD - Pakistan People’s Party on Monday said that former prime minister Imran Khan had been caught ‘red handed’ in the foreign funding case.

PPP leader Shazia Marri, a federal minister, said that delay in the announcement of judgment in PTI’s foreign funding case was tantamount to delay in justice.

“Imran Khan has been caught red-handed in foreign funding case and a person like Imran is blaming others who had been involved in every evil and fraud. PTI chief’s own children are not living in Pakistan, that’s why he has no interest in the welfare and development of the country,” she said in a statement.

Her comments came as the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) is set to announce the verdict over the PTI foreign funding case today (August 2).

The ECP has issued the cause list for the judgment of the prohibited funding case.

The ECP had reserved the verdict over PTI foreign funding case on June 21.

The foreign funding case against PTI had been pending for the last eight years.

Shazia Marri alleged that Imran Khan had destroyed the society and economy of Pakistan through foreign fundings and he had been using pressure tactics to prevent the Election Commission of Pakistan to announce its verdict on foreign funding case.

She said that Imran Khan remained silent on Narendra Modi’s agression because of the alleged Indian funding.

Shazia Marri said Imran ruined the country’s society on the basis of foreign prohibited funding.

Meanwhile, Central Information Secretary of PPP Faisal Karim Kundi, while reacting to Imran Khan’s speech, said that now the secret has also been exposed that Imran Khan was Arif Naqvi’s business partner.

“If you live in the country, you will go to jail, if you go abroad, you will also go to jail. The grand conspirator of the country is crying about conspiracy against him,” he remarked.

He said that chairman PPP Bilawal Bhutto Zardari challenged Imran Khan and then removed him from power.

“We presented a no-confidence motion in broad daylight, so instead of facing the no-confidence motion, Imran Khan left power in the dark of night and fled,” Kundi said.