One of the main reasons for water wastage in domestic homes is car washing and house driveway washing. Using buckets is harder therefore people prefer to use a hose pipe which results in water wastage.

An easy solution would be to use pressure washers which use less water under pressure to do more cleaning with less work. Therefore pressure washers are the preferred method to clean cars and driveways and even solar panels but they can cost ten or thirty thousand rupees. The Government of Pakistan can help convert all the domestic homes to start using pressure washers to help reduce water wastage. They should ask the banks to provide pressure washers to customers on fixed monthly instalments. The banks should also declare a fixed profit and a fixed cost for each transaction. These should be paid by the Government each month while the customer would only pay the cost of the pressure washer. Local Governments of regions facing water shortages should also consider a similar scheme with a local bank.

This way all the domestic users will start using pressure washers to clean their cars, solar panels and driveways resulting in water saving and improving the quality of life of Pakistanis.