Imran tells trial court he didn’t deposit Rs58m into local bank

PTI chairman gets recorded his statement in Toshakhana criminal case

SC to hear Imran’s appeal against Toshakhana case today.


ISLAMABAD  -  Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Im­ran Khan Niazi on Tuesday got re­corded his statement under sec­tion-342 before the trial court in Toshakhana criminal case af­ter which further hearing was ad­journed till August 2 (today). 

District and Sessions Judge Hama­yun Dilawar heard the criminal case wherein former prime minister Im­ran Khan appeared before the court amid foolproof security. At the out­set of the hearing, Imran Khan re­corded his statement before the judge against 35 questions provided by the trial court. The judge inquired whether the accused was satisfied with his answers, and to this Imran Khan answered affirmation. 

As the hearing began, the judge asked the former prime minister if he was going to read the questions and he (Imran Khan) could answer if he want­ed. In his statement, the former prime minister said that he had not heard the statements of the complainant as these were not recorded in his presence. He said that even the charges against him were not read in his presence. 

The PTI’s chief said that he had not appointed anyone as his represen­tative in this case, adding that the sessions court had named it by it­self and recorded the statement. He, however, said that he had not sub­mitted any application to appoint a representative. 

Imran Khan said that the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) had sought the record from a local bank after announcing the decision. The ECP had never asked for the details of the bank from him, he said, add­ing that the person who prepared the record about the said bank was not produced before the court. 

He said that the witness first stat­ed that the record was collected from the computer but later he expressed anonymous about it. The former prime minister said that he had nev­er stated that he had deposited Rs58 million to the bank, adding that it was not essential to give the names of gifts as per the law. He said that there was no column in the ECP’s form regard­ing the names of Toshakhana gifts. He said that no one had prepared the value of gifts at the time of mak­ing the list, adding that the witnesses also didn’t submit the challan regard­ing the value of the said gifts. He was never contacted by the authorities at the time of preparing documents pertaining to gifts, he said, adding that the said documents couldn’t be added to the questionnaire. 

The PTI head said that the portfo­lio of witness Musadaq Anwar was also not mentioned in documents, adding that the witnesses were pre­sented before the court at the last moment against him. It was assured that the witnesses would record a false statement against him, he said

Imran Khan said that 180 cases had been registered against him and he faced two attacks. Chairman PTI signed his recorded statement under section-342 and left the courtroom along with his legal team. Also, the Supreme Court (SC) on Tuesday fixed the appeal of former prime minister Imran Khan against toshakhana case for hearing on Wednesday.

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