Oil tankers association threatens to shutdown operations

The Oil Tankers Association threatened to close down the business operations if their demands are not met within a week.

According to the details, the Oil Tankers Association demanded to increase the local fare to 100 percent and the long fare to 50 percent to maintain profitability and meet operational costs effectively.

Additionally, the association is demanding a designated quota for oil tankers’ transport in the White oil pipeline. By securing this allocation, they aim to streamline their operations and ensure a smoother supply chain for white oil products.

The association urged the government to restore the old oil delivery vehicles and utilize them for oil delivery and demanded to compensate the owners of old vehicles that are no longer in use.

An additional demand raised by the association is the immediate cessation of Iranian oil business. They assert that this measure is essential for preserving the interests of the domestic oil industry and fostering self-reliance in the energy sector.

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