Punjab prisoners to get legal aid to prove their innocence: CM

CM Naqvi orders installation of air coolers in all the barracks

LAHORE  -  Caretaker Punjab Chief Minister Moh­sin Naqvi Tuesday visited Camp Jail and spent well over two hours there. During his visit, he personally engaged with the prisoners, attentively listen­ing to their concerns and meticulously assessing the provided amenities.

In a groundbreaking announce­ment, Chief Minister revealed the formation of a special committee dedicated to examining claims of in­nocence from prisoners. Each pris­oner will be individually assessed, and based on the committee’s rec­ommendations, legal action will be taken to release those proven inno­cent, ensuring that no innocent per­son remains unjustly detained.

Expressing his discontent over the lack of Air Cooler Facility, Chief Minis­ter Naqvi promptly ordered the instal­lation of air coolers in all the barracks within three days, while also direct­ing the immediate installment of new fans. He further instructed the Deputy Commissioner to conduct an inspec­tion after three days to verify the im­plementation and submit a report.

During his visit, some prisoners raised concerns about alleged mis­treatment by the staff. Responding promptly, Chief Minister directed the Additional Chief Secretary Interior to investigate these complaints thorough­ly. Showing his concern for the well-be­ing of inmates, Chief Minister personal­ly inspected the prison kitchen, tasted the food and checked its quality. He also visited the PCO and observed the con­versation of the prisoners with their relatives. Mohsin Naqvi expressed his displeasure for not allowing prison­ers to talk to their loved ones as per the scheduled time and directed the staff to let the prisoners to talk to their loved ones twice a week. Seeing 11, 11 prisoners in the small barracks, Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi expressed his displeasure and said that it is not right to keep the prisoners in this way in the heat and confinement. He ordered to keep the prisoners according to the ca­pacity of the barracks. 

He also visited the prison hospi­tal to review the medical facilities and ensure proper treatment and access to necessary medicines for the patients. He demanded regular medical check-ups for the impris­oned children. Additionally, Chief Minister Naqvi emphasized the im­portance of mental health, direct­ing regular check-ups for prison­ers suffering from mental illnesses. The visit was attended by Inspector General of Jails, Deputy Commis­sioner, and Jail Superintendent.

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