Radio fee in electricity bills

It has been demanded from the government to stop the forced collection of a 35-rupee TV fee in the electricity bills because electricity is used in every house, while television is used only by those who can afford to buy it. This demand has not been fulfilled.
On the other hand, the Ministry of Information has sent a summary to the Ministry of Finance that a radio fee of Rs 15 should also be collected from electricity consumers, which will be included in the electricity bills every month, like the TV fee of Rs 35. The receipt of the radio fee has been recommended by the Senate Committee.
According to the officials of the Ministry of Finance, a total monthly fee of 50 rupees for TV and radio will be added to the electricity bills. In the difficult economic conditions that Pakistan is going through, taxes, duties, and prices are constantly being increased under the dictates of the IMF.
It is not necessary for everyone to have and listen to the radio along with the TV. Eight crore people are living below the poverty line. Electricity is their compulsion, but there will be millions of people who do not use TV or radio. They will have to pay an additional fee along with electricity.
The government should seriously consider this issue and not include TV and radio fees in electricity bills. Undoubtedly, TV and radio are needed by the citizens, but they should not be forced on those who cannot afford them due to economic hardship. Radio was undoubtedly a major source of news, information, and entertainment in that era. Today is the era of television and social media.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt