Senator Qadir declares Pakistan’s future as bright under CPEC project

QUETTA  -  Standing Committee for Petroleum and Resources Chairman Senator Abdul Qadir on Tuesday said that the future of China- Pak Economic Corridor (CPEC) project was bright which would bring economic change in the country after its com­pletion. Ten years of this vital proj­ect were to be met with success for which the two nations China and Pakistan deserved the utmost con­gratulations, he expressed these views while talking to media.

It is the responsibility of Paki­stan to eliminate the obstacles to the completion of this great project and every power that is pursuing the policy of making it fail by erect­ing obstacles in its way needs to be crushed, he said. 

He said that China has laid the foundation for the development and prosperity of the region by initially investing more than 25 bil­lion dollars on this exemplary proj­ect saying that Pakistan’s political conflict slowed down the project, but now the project was moving to­wards its development goal again.

Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and African countries will be able to benefit from this project. If the Af­ghan government tries to move for­ward with seriousness and toler­ance, it will benefit them a lot from this project and instead of getting involved in terrorism, the Afghan people will start focusing on their development and prosperity, he mentioned. He said that the CPEC project would transform the back­ward areas into developed areas. Saudi Arabia has recently indicated to invest more than 24 billion dol­lars in Pakistan, while the United Arab Emirates has also given a clear indication of investment of 22 billion dollars to Pakistan.

Apart from this, by utilising the mineral reserves, Pakistan can earn 8 trillion dollars and bring the country out of the depths of pov­erty and bankruptcy, he described, 

He further said that the future of Pakistan was bright and shining, we have to overcome the terrible monster of terrorism to secure this investment. As the interest of in­vestors in the country is increasing, anti-national elements and terror­ists have also become active, he said, adding that there was an urgent need to ruthlessly crush the ene­mies of the prosperity and develop­ment of Pakistan and the region.

He said that Pakistan’s forces and intelligence agencies must elimi­nate terrorism in Pakistan, saying that all networks of terrorists must be destroyed by improving law and order situation in the country. 

“Development and prosperity will come. Providing a favourable environment to investors and pro­viding protection to them should be the responsibility and top pri­ority of the government of Paki­stan,” he explained.

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