Work underway to convert Orange Train stations to solar power

LAHORE  -  The Orange Line train has crossed the milestone of 100 million rides so far after being operational. Work on the proj­ect to convert train stations to solar power is in full swing. 

This was stated by Mr Li Chen, CEO of Orange Line Train System, in a briefing. 

It is worth to mention here that for the first time, Pakistani journalists are being given a 4-day visit to the CPEC projects in Punjab, organised by the Chi­nese Consulate in Lahore and Institute of International Rela­tions and Media Research.

On the first day, the delega­tion reached the Orange Line train system. 

“Pakistan is a country of tal­ented people, it is necessary to provide them with opportu­nities for development. Paki­stani engineers have proved their skills by successfully run­ning the Orange Line project. China will continue to support Pakistan in every development project,” said Mr. Lee Chen. 

On the occasion, Deputy GM Orange Line Umar Chishti said that Orange Line train is provid­ing affordable and comfortable travel facilities to the citizens of Lahore. More than Rs7 per ki­lometre subsidy is being given to citizens in Orange Line. The Orange Line train project was constructed under CPEC. China completed the Orange Train project in a third of the budget compared to other global com­panies. He further said that the preparation of spare parts has been started at the local level to reduce the ongoing costs to make the Orange Train a viable project. After the success of the Orange Line, the Blue Line and Purple Line projects are also in progress. During the 3 years, there was no technical break­down or accident in the Orange Line, he maintained.

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