Digital Marketing is the easiest and exciting way to take your business to new heights. The demand for Digital Marketing skills is increasing day by day. Today, more and more people are interested in learning and acquiring the respective skills of digital marketing. However, not many people go through the entire process of learning Digital marketing to its core.

A dynamic young man Usman Ghani from PakPattan is making waves globally in the field of digital marketing.  

Usman Ghani is a certified expert in Digital Marketing from Pakistan. He is well-versed in skills such as SEO, SEM, Email, Social Media Marketing, and Digital Project Management. 

Sharing his experience, Usman said start as early as possible and achieve your goals. It is a field that combines your love for creativity with the power of technology and help you in increasing your earnings and grow your business.

Today the importance of digital marketing is accepted by everyone. The internet is fast becoming the number one business tool. The competition among companies in digital marketing is getting fierce. If you are equipped with the proper knowledge, you can get success in digital marketing. It is not an easy task. It takes patience and commitment to succeed in it.

Many people enter in Digital Marketing because they have an interest and enjoy using technology. 

Usman Ghani who hhails from the city of “Pakpattan” loved computers and the internet since childhood. He took interest in digital marketing from his school days. This interest led him to be one of the best digital marketers today. Usman Ghani says, “It took me 1 year to generate my first income which was $90”. He advises staying steady and patient in work.

His clients associate him and his work to sheer perfection. Each of his clients is entertained with a unique strategy, and those customized strategies help them to achieve a greater level of success. All clients are happily satisfied with his work in this domain.

He says that many people make it sound like a hobby rather than a profession. But for him, Digital marketing is a profession, and it is one of the fastest-growing industries on the globe.

Sharing his success mantra, Usman revealed the following

• Take action and learn everything you can. This is the best way to get started with digital marketing.

• It’s better to get everything you can before you get started than to try and learn things along the way and regret it later. If you follow this advice, you’ll be able to make money with digital marketing easily. Learn more about it today.”

• When you are starting in digital marketing, you should always ask yourself why you are doing it. If you are doing this business to make the money, you are wrong. If you are doing it for the thrill of the hunt, you are right.

• If you are still unsure about how to master digital marketing, you should start learning more about it today. 

There is plenty of information available on the internet that one can use for his personal and professional growth. It is vital to learn more today and apply it for the improvement of your lifestyle. 

— Saqib Malik is a Digital Marketing Expert. He made a huge name for himself with his skills in digital marketing in the music and film industry; and in 2019 he founded Prestige Perfections, working with many elite artists, celebrities, movies and labels. He is also the owner of the news portal Clout News. He can be reached at