Expressway excavation alert

I am writing to urgently bring to your attention a concerning is­sue related to the ongoing Express­way widening project from Gulberg to Kak Pul. While the expansion ini­tiative is commendable, there is a critical matter that requires im­mediate intervention. The contrac­tors responsible for the project are conducting deep excavations along the Expressway, extracting clay and stones from various sites and trans­porting them elsewhere. This prac­tice poses a significant threat to the surrounding societies, particularly Pakistan Town, Korang Town, Soan Gardens, and River Gardens.

The situation around Soan Gardens and River Gardens has reached an alarming state, testing the patience of the residents. If the digging process is not halted promptly and remedial measures are not implemented, the entire area is at risk of turning into a pool of dirty water during rainy days. This poses a severe threat to the pop­ulation, especially in Soan Gardens, Pakistan Town, Korang Town, and River Gardens.

Additionally, the expanded Ex­pressway is also endangered as wa­ter ponds beneath the roadbed can pose serious risks. I kindly request you to personally visit the men­tioned sites and take immediate ac­tion to stop this excavation process, which is reminiscent of the destruc­tive impact seen in the aftermath of Israeli bombardment in Gaza.



ePaper - Nawaiwaqt