Famous music director Nisar Bazmi remembered on birth anniversary

ISLAMABAD- Renowned composer and music director Nisar Bazmi was remembered on the occasion of his birth anniversary on Friday. Born on December 1, 1924 near Bombay in a Maharashtar religious family, his real name was Syed Nisar Ahmed. He changed his last name to Bazmi to embark on a film music career. He started learning music at the age of 13 and soon mastered various musical instruments. He was hired by the All India Radio in 1939 as an artist and his first composed songs in 1944, were broadcast on the Bombay Radio Station. His first film, Jumna Paar, was released in 1946 and immediately established him as a first-rate composer. Bazmi composed songs for more than 40 films in India, 28 of which were released before he migrated to Pakistan. Nisar Bazmi came to visit his relatives in Pakistan in 1962. Here he met veteran film producer Fazal Karim Fazli who invited him to compose music for Pakistani films. Bazmi accepted the offer and decided to settle in Pakistan. His first song in Pakistan was “Mohabbat mei tere sar ki qasam” for the 1964 film “Aisa bhi hota hai”. He also composed many songs for Runa Laila, Ahmed Rushdi, Mehdi Hassan, Faisal Nadeem, Khursheed, and Saleem Shahzaad. His most popular songs included Ahmed Rushdi’s “Aise bhi hain meherban” or “kuchh loag rooth kar bhi”, Noor Jehan’s “Abhi dhoond hi rahi thi”, Runa Laila’s “Dil dhadke” or “Kaatay na katay”, Mehdi Hasan’s “Ranjish hi sahi”, Nayyara Noor’s “Bol re guriya bol zara”, and Alamgir’s “Hum chale to humaray” were all instant hits. He had trained many of the modern composers and composed music for 140 films in all during his career. Overall he composed music for more than 60 Pakistani films. His national songs were as popular as his film numbers. After success abroad, Saudi designers hit the runway at home

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