PM Kakar visits Pakistan Pavilion at COP28 venue

DUBAI   -  Caretaker Prime Min­ister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar on Fri­day visited the Pakistan Pavilion, established here at the venue of United Nations’ 28th Conference of Parties (COP 28).

On the occasion, the prime min­ister was briefed on the efforts be­ing made by Pakistanis with regard to the negotiations and facilitation in the operationalization of the Loss and Damage Fund. The prime min­ister appreciated their initiatives on the subject. 

He was also briefed on the ‘Living Indus Initiative’ which is designed to rehabilitate the health of the In­dus Basin in Pakistan through cli­mate-resilient approaches and na­ture-based solutions.

The prime minister took a moment to acknowledge the significance of the Climate Chronocles Art exhibi­tion by 19 Pakistani artists on our changing world at the Pakistan Pa­vilion, recognizing the power of ar­tistic expressions in conveying mes­sages about climate change. He also appreciated their efforts with regard to climate change risk mitigation.

Today’s activities include the in­auguration of the Living Indus Initi­ative at the Pakistan Pavilion, a com­prehensive program comprising 25 projects. This initiative is designed to rehabilitate the health of the In­dus Basin in Pakistan through cli­mate-resilient approaches and na­ture-based solutions. 

The prime minister’s engagement underscores the country’s commit­ment to addressing climate chal­lenges and fostering sustainable development, reflecting a broad­er global effort towards climate re­silience. These key points will be shared with the media to inform the public about the prime minister’s in­volvement at the COP28 and the in­itiatives aimed at mitigating the im­pact of climate change in Pakistan.

Also, Prime Minister of Estonia Ms. Kaja Kallas visited Pakistan’s Pa­vilion at COP28, underlining the im­portance of ongoing climate negoti­ations. They delved into discussions about climate resilience initiatives and committed to supporting each other in this endeavor. The meeting showcased a shared dedication to address the global challenge of cli­mate change and echoed the spirit of cooperation necessary for a sus­tainable future. This diplomatic ex­change at COP28 emphasizes the role of international partnerships in tackling environmental issues and underscores the commitment of both leaders to fostering climate resilience. She acknowledged Paki­stan’s contributions during COP27 in establishing loss and damage fund, while also expressed support for technology assistance in agricul­tural initiatives.

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