Protests in Srinagar as Modi govt protects Hindutva man accused of blasphemy

ISLAMABAD  -  The protest demonstrations have erupted in Srinagar seeking the arrest of a Hindutva supporter Prathamesh Shinde who made blasphemous re­marks against Holy Prophet Muham­mad (PBUH).

A 20-year-old student from Mahar­ashtra at the National Institute of Tech­nology (NIT), Srinagar had posted de­rogatory content on the social media which triggered protests.

The Jammu and Kashmir Police has also booked the student but the Indian authorities are avoiding to arrest the accused.

Instead of arresting the accused, the Indian police have sent him into hiding which shows discriminatory approach of the Narendra Modi regime towards the minorities.

The FIR registered at Nigeen Police Station in Srinagar mentions that the student’s actions “have hurt the reli­gious sentiments of a particular com­munity with a potential to disrupt com­munal harmony and can create law and order situation within and outside the campus.”

As one of students sent the record­ing to the college administration, the accused student was asked to escape from the campus.

Realising inaction by the authorities, the students gathered outside the gate to demand punishment against the ac­cused.

Hundreds of the social media posts also criticised Indian government for arresting the Muslims even for cele­brating the Australian victory in the the World Cup but a Hindu committing blasphemy is being protected by the government despite the fact that the act had hurt the sentiments of the Mus­lims worldwide.

The act is also being dubbed as a way to fan religious hatred which also man­ifests the anti-Muslim mindset of liter­ate Hindus.

Recently, in a series of incidents, the Indian Hindus in the Middle East had posted anti-Islam content on social media which necessitated action by the Muslim world leaders.

The Islamophobia is growing in the Indian society and Hindutva support­ers are using it as a political tool.

The sane elements on the social me­dia urged the United Nations, Organi­sation of Islamic Cooperation and the international community to pressure the Modi government for taking ac­tion against the Hindutva supporter for committing blasphemy. They also called for Muslim states to boycott In­dia and action to limit the Indian expa­triates working in the Middle East.

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