Unemployment in Pakistan

Pakistan faces numerous chal­lenges, ranging from a lack of access to basic healthcare ser­vices, poverty, illiteracy, wom­en’s low status, unhygienic wa­ter supplies, sanitation, and, most notably, unemployment. It boasts one of the world’s highest unemployment rates, standing at approximately 5.8%, according to the UN. The unemployment rate in Pakistan is on the rise, leading to an increase in crime. Despite possessing abundant natural resources, poor gover­nance prevents their full poten­tial utilisation.

Many well-educated individu­als, such as doctors, engineers, and graduates, in Pakistan strug­gle to find jobs commensurate with their education. In pursuit of better employment opportuni­ties, they often seek work abroad, resulting in a significant loss of talented individuals to other countries. 

The people of Pakistan are rec­ognized as highly talented global­ly, leading to many Pakistani pro­fessionals excelling as doctors and engineers in foreign countries.



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