Women in Struggle for Empowerment launched E- Archive

Today, Women in Struggle for Empowerment (WISE) launched E- Archive on the eve of 16 days of activism against Gender based violence at University of Home Economics Lahore. 

Abdul Khaliq social researcher stressed in Gender Justice and said that research is very important that is launched by WISE. Gender equity, gender justice, gender parity etc have been included in the archive.  Economic justice is another important step, said Abdul Khaliq . Learning process should be continued. Research is an ever evolving process, he added and the launched by WISE will help the researchers to find of their area of interest. 

On the occasion, Asma Amir, said that the goal of the project is to build and make accessible the records, materials, resources of WROs having informational, evident and archival through knowledge repository in a free, open access, online environment of world wide web/ Internet.  Through this, researches can find WISE struggle for women’s protection, women issues, etc. 

Unite for Empowerment, invest to prevent violence against women, added by Bushra Khaliq , Executive Director( WISE). She further said behaviour of the society towards women needs to be changed. She explained that Gender based violence was documented and shaped in its Archive for the researchers and academics.  

In the archive, work against violence, torture and struggle for women empowerment have been documented. There are challenges while conducted research but it could be catered by the collaboration of academia, governments and civil society. She lauded that the development center has been established. She said that WISE documents the Gender based violence of ten years and made it Archive so that researchers could utilize it or could get benefit from it. 

The ED of WISE added that by the Archive, the students of M-Phil and Ph-D can get benefit. According to her women rights based work have been documented in the archive.             

Dr Tayyaba Sohail, presented a welcome note on the occasion, and said that Gender based violence must be ended. 

Shahnawaz  Khan of Resident Director of RD of SPO, said that  the state has accepted women rights. The government has launched campaign of 16 days of activism. It is evident that women development is playing vital role and giving direction. He shared that the Punjab government had passed law on women protection in 2019, It was opposed at that time.

Now, Rule and regulations have been made and it will be implemented. After enactment of the law, the violence against women centers have been notified in the Punjab province. All crisis centers in eleven districts have been declared as violence against women centers. He shared that Women protection officers are working in crisis centers and Darul Aman. District protection committee for the protection of women have been established in the districts said, Shahnawaz Khan. The women help line 1737 is working in Punjab.  District women protection officer can rescue the women victim of torture. He shared that PCSW issues gender parity report. Women ombudsperson is there to protect women. Women's safety has been made for the protection of women.

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