ISLAMABAD - Anjum Ayub Khans work through usage of multi-type art techniques depicts that every human being and every thing in the society should have the right place and status as nothing is worthless, rubbish and insignificant. The artwork of Anjum Ayub Khan titled Trance-like Moods will open today (Tuesday) at Nomad Art Gallery and will continue till 14th of February. Anjum is a Bachelor in Fine Arts (BFA) from National College of Arts (NCA), Lahore and his paintings have been exhibited as permanent collections of National Art Gallery as well as Prime Minister House of Pakistan, Washington D C Gallery USA and Montarian Museum of Japan. Anjum looks at life through a positive attitude, she is an optimistic not pessimistic at all as is evident through his work. Her work is versatile, as she does not stick to some limited ideas or topics all the time and her every exhibition is always different from the previous ones though it may be different from the point of view of techniques, experiments or subjects. She says that she always remains in search to explore new ideas to see variations in her art work but hopes that this search would never come to an end as the end of her search means that her brush will die its natural death. Her art work portrays that environment changes every thing also the inner feelings of human being, some moments come in the life of a man who are very pleasant but their life is very short as flowers are fresh for a very short time. She is of the view that human beings should avail such pleasant moments with out waiting that we will avail these when the good time will come tomorrow. Anjum says that every thing has its due space and value in this society except a little baby whose mother has to make space for him but after his growth he also has its own space and value. A beautiful painting of Anjum depicts that People look like a crowd in the busy life but we are alone and we should have the pleasures of life alone. She is very much buoyant as in her an other painting depicts that although the windowpanes are shattered yet pleasant and bright colours give human beings a hope. Anjum Ayub in her message says, As I am growing in experience, I am coming across many ups and downs of my environment where I have experienced personal emotions, love and hate, successes and failures in my work". To express myself I say that I lighten my inner feelings as a candle lightens the darkness, she adds. She says that as time changes the seasons and climate, the flowers bloom and fade away, the youth changes into elderliness and so I have tried to give right place and status to everything and then as the world is mortal, the subjects of my paintings also keep vanishing. Anjum also gives another idea through her artwork that God has granted supremacy to men over women and we should accept it and take this in a positive manner as she says that all prophets were male not female.