About a couple of weeks back, I read a letter in the form of a question paper. Inspired by that, I have also set a question paper. The paper goes as under: Note; All questions are compulsory. (1) Do you think that Mr. Ten percent is still Ten Percent or now he is Mr Fifteen or Mr Twenty Percent? Justify your answer with sound arguments. (2) Is it true that every minister and MNA, MPA has a front man? Elucidate your answer with examples. (3) Enlist at least ten statements of Mr. Baber Awan which make you laugh? (4) Whose beauty parlour is serving her client better; Fauzia Wahabs or Asma Arbabs? (5) Write short notes on each of the famous five court jesters of the President? (6) What do you think was responsible for target killings in Karachi; (I) Pistols (ii) Klashnikoves (iii) Automatic rifles. (7) Write a short note on any one of the following national heroes: (i) Rehman Dakait (ii) Tippu Truckaanwala (iii) Rehman Malik. (8) Who do you think was responsible for May 12, 2007 tragedy in Karachi? Write your answer in such a way that MQM is totally absolved of the blame. (9) Do you think that any one of the incumbent governors was ever involved in crimes like murder? If the answer is yes, describe his appearance. Do not name him for the sake of your own security. (10) Justify why Karachi was absolutely peaceful before the emergence of an ethnic political party? -S. MEHMOOD, Lahore, February 1.