SWISS tennis great, Roger Federer won his fourth Australian Open which became his 16th Grand Slam title. And this is just one of his many remarkable achievements which have combined to make him an all-time tennis great. Cool under pressure, Federer has always been the gentleman sportsman so rare to find today with the multibillion dollar business sports has become. And in such contrast to our sportsmen who show indiscipline and a boorishness that is an embarrassment not just for them but for the nation as a whole. Now we need to add to that an open incident of ball-tampering - also seen as plain cheating - that Shahid Afridi displayed in Australia on Sunday. With a couldnt-care-less attitude and knowing full well that the cameras would be focused on him, he disgraced Pakistan by biting the ball and then declaring that he was trying to help his team. How was he helping them by cheating? This reminded one of an earlier incident some time ago, also involving Afridi where he walked on to the pitch and scruffed it Here is an example of bad sportsmanship and indiscipline that has destroyed our cricket today. Afridi, hero to so many Pakistani cricket fans, is sending all the wrong signals to the young and easily influenced youth in Pakistan today. It is time to rid ourselves of all the cricket team and officials and start afresh so that all the bad eggs can be rmoved and a clean start can be made. We already have the Under-19 players to build on but if the old corrupt foundations remain, the new edifice will also be tainted. Like Pakistan, India also suffers from the indiscipline and politicisation of sports. So we are seeing Shahrukh Khan being threatened by Shiv Sena merely because he spoke in favour of the Pakistani cricketers. With sports being destroyed in the subcontinent, one can only look with admiration at sports greats like Federer and look back at a time when we also had our sporting greats who gave us our moments of international sporting glory.