KARACHI - The government should launch a crackdown on quack doctors to save lives of innocent citizens. This was demanded by Kanwal, the sister of Anum who recently died allegedly due to administration of wrong injection at Godhara Muslim Charitable Hospital New Karachi. Addressing a news conference at Karachi Press Club on Monday, she said her young sister Anum, who was about 14, died due to giving expired medicines. Kanwal, narrating the ordeal, said Anum had suffered from headache on 25th January and brought to Godhra Muslim Charitable Hospital in afternoon, where she was treated by a lady doctor, who gave her some medicines and later she was brought back home. She said that Anums condition further deteriorated after that medication than the family again brought to the hospital in evening where one Dr Nasir examined her and told that Anum had a problem in her windpipe. She said Dr Nasir injected her some injections and inserted a tube into her windpipe; however, he windpipe began to bleed and she died. Kanwal further stated that we had protested against doctor but the hospital administration manhandled us. General Secretary Pakistan Muslim League-Q (PML) Haleem Adil Shaikh also addressed the press conference. He informed that the accused doctor was affiliated to ruling PPP and had also contested elections from that constituency. He demanded of the government to conduct an operation against such fake doctors and award them a punishment as per law. He also appealed to the Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar M Chaudhary to take suo moto action of the killing of Anum so that those responsible of her death could be taken to the task. He informed that PML-Q has constituted a five-member committee in order to provide full assistance to the bereaved family, adding government should provide job facility to deceaseds brother so that family member could pass their life in smooth way. Abdul Hai, Victims father said that police have registered the FIR according the sections 319 and 337 but we demanded that to lodge FIR against the accused doctor according the section 302.