NEW YORK A rally of Jewish leaders took aim at Target stores, the second largest retailers in the United States Sunday for selling a globe that omits the name Israel but instead labels the region Palestine. It is a very serious thing, its not just a little mistake, were seeing companies kowtowing to people who live in tyrannical governments who are trying to dictate policy here and dictate how people think and feel, said Rabbi Gary Moskowitz, who led the rally in downtown Manhattan. Were fighting 'global war on terrorism, and in this global war we have to 'target the people who are coming against us, said Moskowitz. I hope Target did this in error.. and they must have a recall of all these globes. In a statement, a Target spokeswoman said: It is never our intention to offend any of our guests and we apologize. We have removed the mini-globe from our shelves, and we are following up with our vendor. The country is labeled on a key on the mini-globe; however, the important issue is that we are no longer selling this product in our stores and we are sorry for offending our guests, she added. Jewish protesters also gathered in Manhattan near Ground Zero and used the demonstration to rally against radical Muslims. They said that selling the globe, even if it is an oversight, represents the growing hate information campaign against Israel.