LAHORE - Punjab Health Minister Malik Nadeem Kamran has said that the government has provided incineration facility in ten districts while it was making necessary arrangements for extending the service in eight more districts. Responding to a supplementary question during Question Hour at the assembly floor on Monday, he said that the Punjab was in contact with the federal govt for making incinerators in eight districts functional with the purpose to ensure scientific disposal of clinical waste. Accepting the arguments of legislators regarding unhygienic conditions within hospital premises, the minister said that the government was taking concrete steps for improving sanitation conditions and providing quality healthcare facilities to the public. Responding to the supplementary question raised by Arifa Khalid Pervaiz, Nadeem Kamran said the govt was taking measures for implementing standard operating procedures (SOPs) at all government hospitals to ensure infection control and provision of clean and healthy environment to patients and attendants. To a supplementary question raised by Dr Ashraf Chohan that whether the govt was carrying out or was planning to launch auditing regarding effects and damages caused by infection at healthcare centers, the minister asked the legislator to point out any incident caused by unhygienic conditions. Expressing astonishment and dissatisfaction over the reply, Dr Ashraf Chohan said that the minister was having no clue about the term 'auditing. He clarified that the term was not only confined to financial matters. He said that auditing with regard to healthcare centers means the death and illness caused by infection and the cost incurred on treatment. To another supplementary question raised by opposition legislator Amina Ulfat, the minister said that the hygiene conditions at hospitals was improving gradually due to sincere efforts of the govt and there was no need of constituting any committee for this specific purpose. Strongly reacting to the remarks of the minister regarding non-serious attitude, the PPP legislator Hassan Murtaza said no one has the right to make fun of anybody. He said he was pleading the case for a hospital in his constituency and it should not be any problem for anyone. The minister has termed my attitude as non serious. Female legislators from the opposition have also make fun of me. It has infringed my right as an MPA. There is no proper equipment and medical staff at BHU Rajuha and I am pointing out this issue, Murtaza said, adding the department has given incorrect information regarding distance of BHU Rajuha from DHQ Hospital Chiniot. He urged the Speaker to take notice of the issue and hold inquiry.