ISLAMABAD The US-backed peace overtures being made to Afghan Taliban by President Hamid Karzai are unlikely to bear any fruit mainly because of the persistent intra-tribe and factional grudges. Well-placed Taliban and diplomatic sources privy to these developments informed TheNation on Monday that the proposed one billion US dollars programme aimed at wooing only those Taliban commanders who were either closely related to President Karzai or belonged to his tribe. On the basis of past experiences, such initiatives never succeeded, sources informed, adding it was part of President Karzais political strategy to naturalise those elements which have been obstructing him from visiting his hometown in Kandahar province, the Taliban stronghold. They were of the view that President Karzai wanted to woo such elements by offering them government jobs and other incentives, adding such schemes hardly worked in a country like Afghanistan. Some Taliban commanders may avail themselves of the opportunity and take benefits but would never betray their leader and chief of Taliban Mullah Muhammad Omar, sources said. They regarded the peace offer as a tactical ploy to divide Taliban force in Afghanistan, which has been quite successful in maintaining close contacts with local population in their respective regions. They believed that President Karzai who remained confined to the Capital City of Afghanistan wanted to have some sustainable working relations with his tribesmen in Kandahar and other adjoining provinces while the US is fearful of further resistance by the residents of ethnic Pushtoon localities because of presence of foreign troops as well as maltreatment meted out the masses living in the insurgency ridden regions. Sources further said that Taliban commanders belonging to other Pushtoon tribes would foil US-backed plan the moment they realised Taliban were being divided in line with set agenda. There are elements in Taliban who would not tolerate President Karzai offering peace overtures only to commanders belonging to his own tribe, sources said. They believed that in such a situation, Taliban commanders from other tribes would not only resist but also make it difficult for President Karzai to live in the Capital city Kabul what to talk of comfortably travelling to his hometown.