LAHORE - Punjab University Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Mujahid Kamran has stated that owing to the unprecedented sacrifices of the people of Afghanistan, the sole super power America is looking for a safe and honourable exit from Afghanistan. He was addressing participants of the seminar on Pak-India Relations in Changing Scenario held at the varsity South Asian Studies Centre, New Campus Monday, which was also addressed by the former Senator and Chairman Foreign Relations Committee Mr Mushahid Hussain Syed and CSAS Director Prof Dr Muhammad Saleem Mazhar. Dr Mujahid Kamran said Pakistan and Afghanistan have centuries old historic, geographic and religious relations. India has committed water aggression against Pakistan by building numerous dams on the rivers originating from Kashmir in violation of the Indus Basin Treaty. He further said the countrys armed forces are our most precious asset, having the most modern fighting capability. Earlier, in his keynote address, Mr Mushahid Hussain Syed underlined the overriding need for immediately initiating the process of composite dialogue between Pakistan. He said the path to durable peace in the region lies in settling the Kashmir issue in the light of UN resolutions. Presently Pakistan and India are evenly-balanced because the supremacy of India in terms of numbers and traditional armaments has ended after Pakistan attained nuclear power status in 1998. Neither India can impose war on Pakistan like it did in 1971 nor Pakistan has now any apprehensions of such a war or aggression from any quarter. At the most India can indulge in conspiracies to isolate Pakistan through diplomatic efforts, intervene in our internal affairs by sponsoring acts of terrorism or subject us to water aggression by depriving us of our water share. He said three important developments have taken place in the world scenario recently which has made the global situation conducive for Pakistan. In this connection, he made a special mention of the coming to power of US President Mr. Barack Obama, who does not give preferential treatment to India like his predecessor George W Bush who had entered into a civilian nuclear treaty with India. Second the significance of Afghanistan and Pakistan has increased in the US priorities as compared to India. America has lost war in Afghanistan and is desperately looking for any safe and honourable passage out of the morass and the passage for enduring peace and stability in Afghanistan passes through Pakistan. The third important emerging development is the rise of China as an over-whelming political and economic power in the world arena. USA is becoming weaker and weaker with every passing day on account of its worsening economic conditions. Due to crucial geographic location in South East Asia, our importance to US has increased manifold. Our political and economic leadership can work out a do able strategy in the light of national objectives and goals to seek optimal advantage for Pakistan by exploiting these three emerging favourable developments, he concluded.