Five years back, I wasted more than an hour at the Clifton Bus Stop trying to find out which bus or coach was to go to Gulshan. Nobody was able to guide me, not even the traffic policeman. I realized this was due to the reason that coaches in this city are named after their owners, or their tribes, rather than having any proper route numbers a per the international practice. Only those who travel daily or have to travel often on a particular route know which way the Qalandri or Niazi Coach would be going. This situation I found more grave in the evenings when even on main roads, these coaches sped the line without any light on screens and stopped just for a second or two. I took up the matter with the Sindh Ombudsman that these coach should display proper route numbers as buses or wagons do all over the world. The RTA, on inquiry, confirmed that proper route numbers for these coaches have been prepared and the implementation was under process. The Sindh Ombudsman, in December 2005, closed the case saying he was satisfied. That was 2005. I traveled this evening, in January 2010, on one of the same old, battered coaches bearing a name like Data/Shirazi/Niazi/Qalandri/Gul or Ghuncha-e-Gul coach which I boarded after great difficulty because in a few mili-seconds that they stop anywhere, one is only able to read the large, gaudy lettering, not a route number. -JAVED, Karachi, January 31.