The people of Pakistan have offered more sacrifices than all the political forces put together to get rid of the tyrant military junta of Musharraf. This government, on the other hand, thought it fit to bid him farewell with a guard of honor, no less. It is the people of Pakistan who are dying on the streets from terrorist attacks, not because of any of their fault but because of the incompetent mediocrity that is ruling them. In his most recent address to the NA, Prime Minister had said, The country would not sustain another dictatorship. We will have to play our role under the ambit of the constitution. This is what Pakistan was created for and this is how governments must function. It is not the destiny of this nation to be ruled by thugs in uniform. But a fair question to ask from the PM would be that what has his government done to provide constitutional governance that delivers? What have they done, for instance, when the sugar cartel was fleecing the masses? Does he not know the role of his minister in the fertilizer scam? What about the series of land grab scams that, as per reports of the media, involves individuals from within the ruling party? Is he satisfied with the rise in price of flour caused by mismanagement, corruption and smuggling? What about the issue of Rental Power Projects, which are being installed while cheaper, already installed IPPs and WAPDA-owned thermal power stations remain shut? Why has the PM given the individuals holding foreign passports so many key assignments? -HANIF BALOCH, Quetta, January 28.