KARACHI (APP) - Employees Old Age Benefits Institution (EOBI) disbursed Rs 496.694 million among 346,403 pensioners during December, 2009. According to an EOBI report, the Institution registered 473 new employers, 14,943 employees and approved 1789 pension claims which included 997 old age, 36 invalidity and 649 survivors pensions and 107 old age grants during the same month. EOBI is a prime welfare institution for labour and working class, which provides financial benefits to the workers of industrial and commercial establishments during old age and invalidity and their survivors. According to the report, EOBI collected Rs 703.37 million as EOBI contribution from registered employers and employees during the same month. It said there are 37 regional and 30 field offices providing services of registration and granting pension claims throughout Pakistan. The institution has authorised 533 branches of National Bank of Pakistan for collection of contribution and disbursement of pension all over the country. EOBI has also established a Free Help Line 08000 3624 which is providing continuous contact of EOBI to the pensioners, registered employers and employees of industrial and commercial establishments and general public. EOBI website www.eobi.gov.pk is also available for detailed information about the EOBI scheme.