Shahbaz for social, economic revolution in Punjab

LAHORE Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has made an appeal to assembly members and the workers of PML-N to extend their full support to him for bringing about a political, social and economic revolution in the province. He was addressing a meeting of parliamentary party of PML-N at Chief Ministers Secretariat here Monday. Provincial Ministers, Advisors, Assembly Members belonging to Unification Group, Mutehida Majlis-e-Amal, Muslim League (Functional) as well as senior officers attended the meeting which lasted more than three hours. In his address the chief minister said he believed that the targets set by the government for rapid development of the province and prosperity of the masses could not be achieved without practical cooperation of the elected representatives and political workers. He said assembly members should mobilise the entire society for this purpose and women should also take an active part in the development process. He appreciated the proposals submitted by parliamentarians in the meeting for the development of different sectors as well as to improve the system and said a comprehensive strategy would be adopted in the light of the same. He said approval had been given to the amendment bill in the new local government system which he added, would be made transparent and vibrant so that it could be responsive to the aspirations of the people and help solve their problems at the local level. He said administrators would be appointed in the province after the approval of the Local Government Act by the assembly, and they would be responsible for continuity of the development projects in a transparent manner till holding of the local bodies elections. He said honest officials would also be deputed at tehsil level for checking misappropriation of funds and execution of uplift projects in a fair and transparent manner. The CM said assembly members should set their priorities regarding maintenance of law and order, elimination of corruption and improvement of education, health and agriculture sectors and send their names within next two days for induction in the committees set up for this purpose. He said the government was giving tremendous improvement to the improvement of law and order since targets set for the development could not be achieved without protection of life and property of citizens and maintenance of a peaceful atmosphere. He said no amount for development projects would be sufficient if corruption was not rooted out. He said the menace of corruption needed to be eradicated through collective efforts with an aim to bring about national prosperity and by ensuring that every penny of the public money was strictly used for the betterment of the masses. He said the nation had become dependent on others due to corruption and plundering whereof it had lost its economic and social freedom. He said poverty, hunger, and ignorance have resulted from the corruption for the elimination of which, he maintained, every segment of society has to play an active role. Recalling his visit to Turkey, the Chief Minister Punjab said the Turk nation had made awesome progress due to its hard work, honesty and commitment. He said Turkish exports had reached the figure of $136 billion out of which 92 per cent were finished goods whereas Pakistans exports were just $19 billion, when the fact was, in the 80s Pakistan exports were higher than those of Turkey. He said corruption was negligible in Turkey and Turkish people had made remarkable progress in every sector. Shahbaz Sharif said maintenance of law and order was the top priority of the government. He said salaries of police officials were doubled so that they could perform their professional responsibilities with honesty and peace of mind. However, he said, despite increase in salaries corruption was rampant at lower level. He said a stringent accountability system should be adopted for curbing of corruption. He said there was need for emulating the example set by Turkey and adopting honesty, hard work and dedication for realising the dreams of Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal of equitable distribution of wealth and supremacy of law. He said Pakistanis would have to move ahead as a nation like Turkey, Iran and China for achieving the goal of national development and prosperity. The CM said government was strictly pursuing the policy of merit in every department. He particularly mentioned police and the education department where this policy was being strictly followed unlike the past.