Shazia not tortured to death: Medical experts

LAHORE - Medical experts and police investigators believe 13-year-old Shazia was not tortured to death, as she has been suffering from mysterious skin diseases and was also mentally ill to some extent, thanks to the media for making a mountain out of mole hole. Sources close to the investigators revealed the victim family is blackmailing the accused to mint money after her mysterious killing appeared as breaking news on local TV channels. Not enough, several NGOs and those working for minorities rights jumped into bandwagon for publicity, as they never miss any opportunity to get cheep popularity, no matter such attempts tarnish countrys image abroad. Let me tell you frankly, the allegations of torture in Shazia case are totally baseless and concocted. The poor parents are playing into the hands of NGO mafia to seek financial help from the top government hierarchy. This is a planned game to mint money, a top police officer told this scribe seeking anonymity. However, he said, child labour is a menace and everybody should condemn it. The sources said NGO workers and the victim family are forcing the investigation police to get undue favour in Shahzias death case. The victim family has managed to collect more than Rs 1 million from the governments after the local media overplayed the death case, terming the mysterious killing as a murder even before the autopsy report, the sources further said. Insiders revealed Shahzias parents, who had left their daughter at the residence of Chaudhry Naeem Advocate for few hundred rupees, staged protest drama after the NGO mafia convinced them they could get millions of rupees by exploiting her death. Defense Police Station Incharge Investigation Asghar disclosed, 'apparently it seemed some vested interests are exploiting the case to defame the country and to prove as minorities are not safe in Pakistan. He disclosed three SPs, one ASP, one DSP and one an Inspector were handling this case. The family is demanding the police to act according to their will but we cannot act beyond the rules and regulation, he added. Asghar said half of the case had been solved and further investigations were underway. The autopsy report also revealed that on external examination no injury or mark of torture was witnessed on the body. Inspector Investigation Asghar, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Syed Fida Hussain, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Khalid Abu Bakar, Criminal Record Officer (CRO) Superintendent of Police (SP) Faisal Gulazar, SP Investigation Cantt Umar Saeed and SP Cantt Ghulaz Azfar have been working on this case under the supervision of SP CIA Umar Virk. Asghar further said the family had already expressed its distrust in the committee constituted by the Punjab chief minister. On the other hand, according to the autopsy report furnished by Jinnah Hospital, almost 18 minor and sever injuries were identified on various parts of the body of Shazia. But on duty doctors including Dr Nasreen Ishaq, Dr Andaleeb Zulfiqar and Dr Farhat Sultana did not indicate the minor girl was tortured to death. The report further said, It is the body of a female child in poor hygienic condition, lean built, appears to be 12 to 13 years old, with pale complexion, with eyes and mouth closed. Body length is 140 cm. Left ear is congenitally disfigured. There is evidence of slight bleeding from nose. It was further said in the report, Body is cold stiffened and faint. Post-mortem staining is present at back in between areas of contact flattening. Multiple car marks of irregular size and shapes are present on back of the body. Angles of mouth appears to be widely apart. Both hands are swollen and broad. Both feet appear to be broad in comparison to general physique. All fingernails are having fungal infection. Fingers of both hands are having infected eczema in different phases of healing, Meanwhile, the accused advocate told police investigators the girl died after falling from stairs. Lawyers of Chaudhry Naeem have also claimed that Shazia suffered from a chronic disease and he got her treated by highly qualified doctors. They have maintained Shazia had fungus infection, which caused wounds on her body and damaged her nails.

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