KARACHI (Agencies) - Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf chief Imran Khan on Monday dispelled the impression that mid-term elections would weaken the country, saying that if the current government completed its term, God forbid, Pakistan might not complete its time. Addressing a news conference here on Monday, Imran said that Pakistani Taliban were product of military operations. The United States and Nato are holding talks with Taliban, but we are killing our own people in our own country, he said. He said that the government was taking country towards devastation through rental power plants. He announced that he would challenge the RPPs in the court. The PTI chief was of the view that conspiracies were once again being hatched against the Supreme Court. To a question, Imran said that mid-term elections would not weaken the country and in fact this process would make it stronger. He said that foreign policy of the present government had completely failed. By stopping our 25 per cent water on Chenab River, India gave us a harsh message, he said. He further said that conspiracies were being hatched against free judiciary. Condemning the raise in prices of petroleum products, Imran said that this would badly affect the common man. He demanded that the Parliament should pass a legislation under which all persons must disclose their property and bank balance in foreign countries and to bind them to bring back their money. He asked the government to start the process of dialogue in tribal areas and resist foreign pressure. He said that there was no democracy in Pakistan.