Fears of Pakistan going into Chinese debt trap are unfounded: PM

Invites Turkey to join CPEC for further connectivity; proposes 100th year anniversary be celebrated in 2020, when forefathers of Pakistan helped Turkey against western powers

LAHORE - Prime Minster Imran Khan has said that fears of Pakistan going into Chi­nese debt trap are unfounded. The debt from China is a very small part, a small percentage of the country’s total debt portfolio, says Imran Khan. In his inter­view with Turkish global news agency Anadolu, PM Imran Khan invited Turkey to join CPEC for further connectivity.

Drawing the world media attention to Kashmir issue, Imran Khan said that what is happening in Kashmir is illegal and violates humanitarian laws. “In­dia has been taken over by extremist racist ideology, which is called the RSS [Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh] and this ideology believes that India be­longs to Hindus only,” the PM Khan said.

Pakistan Prime Minister said that In­dia is targeting the 200 million Muslims living in India. “This is exactly what hap­pened in Myanmar when they first start­ed the Registration Act,” the PM pointed out similarity between course of action adopted by the two different countries.

During the interview, the prime minister proposed to celebrate 100th year anniversary in 2020, when Mus­lim of northern parts of Sub-conti­nent, which is now Pakistan, helped Turkey against western powers.

Coming to the economy, Imran Khan said, “Our economy is on the track. Pa­kistan has curtailed the current account deficit by almost 75% while next challenge for government is to bring down inflation and start growth in the country,” the PM said, adding corrupt mafias that were displaced are constantly trying to dest­abilize the government. “Corrupt mafia wants corruption status quo in the coun­try. They are worried that if we succeed, this political mafia, will be buried dead”.

Highlighting Pakistan’s diplomatic ef­forts, Imran Khan said War between U.S and Iran averted, but “issues need per­manent solution”. Imran Khan said and maintained that Pakistan’s role will be to douse fires to end conflicts in Muslim world and let countries focus on building infrastructure. “Turkey can help Pakistan, for instance, in the mining sector,” he said.

Pakistan PM said now his big agen­da is to unveil ambitious housing plan to construct affordable housing for the less privileged section of the society and job creation. Targeting opposition.

Noting Pakistan one of top 10 countries which went up 28 points in ease of doing business, Imran Khan observed if the country can keep progressing in the direction, Pakistan would become the hub of investment. He said that his govern­ment is changing energy policy and over the next 10 years 40% energy would come from renewable sources

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