Interfaith camp enables young minds to develop trust

LAHORE (PR) - Seeds of Peace (a youth-run NGO working towards conflict resolution) held a 3-day Interfaith Harmony Camp at St. Anthony’s High School here. Some 60 students, aged between 14 and 16 years, from Muslim, Christian and Sikh religions participated in it.
The camp was aimed at enabling young students of the three religions to develop mutual understanding and trust among each other. “Through this, we hope to promote a sense of harmony, tolerance, co-existence and respect in these young minds,” said Tooba Fatima, the camp manager.
“It also provided an opportunity for our young members to create an atmosphere where students from different religions could sit together and feel comfortable talking about how they could improve the interaction between all three religions,” she further added.
The students from 14 private and government schools of Lahore and one school of Nankana Sahib participated in the camp attending various creative and educational activities. Participants played team games and met group challenges where students from Muslim, Christian and Sikh religions were teamed up together. Furthermore, dialogues were held amongst them which explored the similarities among all religions.
Sajjad Ahmad, Country Director, thanked the audiences, their parents and most importantly the young members of the organization to create this opportunity for these students who rarely have such an opportunity in their lives to spend 3 days together.

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